Connections Keep Us Going

I saw this quote this morning and just had to document it here:

I’m very big on connections with people and know, without a doubt, that people cross paths for a reason. I thought this was the BEST and most comprehensive definition I’ve seen to date. I especially love the part about being the “energy that exists between people”.


Take that in for a moment.

One definition of energy is, “The strength and vitality required for sustained mental or physical activity.”

I think that is beautifully relevant because when we are connected to one another, we can rely on each other to give strength, both mentally and physically, to do what needs to be done.

Connections SUSTAIN us. That’s powerful!

Furthermore, there is no greater feeling than meeting someone and just knowing immediately that you are both “kindred spirits”. Feeling as if you’ve known each other for a lifetime when it’s only been weeks or maybe just days.

Knowing that we can add value to another life is a powerful realization, and one that should not be taken for granted. And yes, things may not always appear perfect in these connections, but that is when we show grace. We show understanding. We understand that everyone is human and that we do have bad days. But that is when we give strength, help validate, and sustain them when they need it most.

Connect with someone today.

Day 39