Doing What Is Best For You

I saw this quote:

The first time I read it, I agreed. In fact I think I’ve said similar things before. But as I reflected on it, I began asking myself some questions.

Maybe it depends on the situation. Should you totally disregard other people’s advice and/or personal feelings in order to do what is “right” for yourself?

Should you live your life to be 100% happy regardless?

It’s true that no one knows or truly understand your thought processes or actions unless they have actually walked in your shoes, right? So should they judge? Maybe not…but we know that people do.

We know they judge, are condemning, condescending, and think they know what’s best for us. And a lot of the time, they do these things without even asking us what is wrong or without even trying to understand.

So? What are your thoughts?

Day 79


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