People Can Always Surprise You…

I’m sure we have known people, even really great friends, that are very stuck in their ways. They follow the same routines day in and day out, their personalities never waver, and they are very staunch in their personal and professional beliefs.

I have a friend that’s like this. They never change. I’m fairly spontaneous and very outgoing and enjoy trying to convince them to do things that they “say” they would never do. But it’s all done in good fun!

This friend of mine always told me she would never, EVER, stay up past 10:00 p.m. But the other night I needed her. So I took a chance and called her at 10:45. To my surprise she answerd my call. I said, “Im shocked you answered!” Then she said, “I know you know me, and I knew if you were calling past my bedtime, it must be important. Of course I’m gonna answer.” This made me realize that not only is she a true and loyal friend to a fault, it made me aware that no matter what, people will always surprise you.

Day 22


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