Positive Office Referrals

Yesterday I got a phone call from the assistant principal of my son’s high school. My son has never once been in trouble, so it took me by surprise. I quickly realized I jumped to conclusions as the conversation progressed.

He was calling to say that my son helped put out the traffic cones to direct traffic (that the AP puts out every day) without being asked to do so. Not wanting to receive anything in return.

The AP went on to tell me that they have implemented a positive office referral system at the high school. Whenever a staff member sees a students doing something of good character, they are sent to the office; a positive phone call is made to the guardian/parent; they get a candy bar or other treat; will be recognized at the next pep rally; and will be entered into a drawing for a gift card.

My son is extremely shy and an introvert, so him doing something like this really made me feel spectacular as a parent! He’s a great kid, and this gave us something we could both be very proud of!

Day 52


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