Take Care of Yourself…Easier Said Than Done

My blog for today is going to be short and to the point — take care of yourself.

I am a person (probably like many people reading this right now) that takes care of everyone and everything else before myself, right? We go and go and go until we run out of gas physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

I’ve been in that place for almost two weeks now. I wore myself down so by not resting enough, not eating right, staying up too late, and over working that I finally had to stop. Not by choice, but because my body said, “THAT’S ENOUGH!” Now I’m struggling to get well physically.

It’s so hard to slow down and take care of yourself, but take this advice…if you don’t make a choice to do it, your body will make the choice for you. Just remember…

Day 13


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