The Benefits of Protein

As we all know, a healthy, well-balanced diet combined with exercise is the way to properly maintain health and fitness.

But of all the diets that I have been on in the past, the most effective one has been a high protein/low-carb one. I think it’s very interesting, if you research the reasons behind its effectiveness. The Paleo Diet is one that is high protein and actually works with your body’s genetics to help you stay lean.

WebMD says this:

I say all this to say, since I am now relapsing again into sickness, I need to start eating better. I feel as if my body is just stressed out and run down since school started. I have not been taking care of myself and many days forget to eat at all (much less properly) or even drink water.

It’s time to get busy and take care of myself! Work will always be there, but I may not be if I fail to take care of myself.

Day 65