Hispanic Activism threatened

by Edward Gomez AP

Five years ago, working for a news network as a producer, I witnessed something as a journalist, I thought I would never witness. Freedom of press, Freedom of speech threatened by the opponents of those you report or expose.

To myself, I thought I was doing right, reporting the truth, exposing corruption, that is what I signed up for. In the end the show I produced and was getting high rankings, was sent a letter containing threats to station, the employees of the stations. The next morning a bomb threat. FBI was called in, and we increased security and we went on reporting. After two months of pressure, employee homes, burned, people chased and ran off the road. The show hosts, quit and moved into secrecy and so for us was the end of hostility, and the end of the rights to freedom of press and speech.

Recently we posted an article about the Spanish land grant heirs, and we were proud to represent the Hispanic Latino community. It didn’t take time for opponents to see the story, and soon the Hispanic News Network was facing that same kind of threats. Our network was hacked, according to our security experts from IP addresses in Texas, which we believe was by politicians, like Rick Perry, or the State Government of Texas and or colluding with the big oil and gas companies.

We are back, and now we are preparing lawsuits against the IP addresses, and sources that hacked us. We don’t think the FBI will be of much help, but publicizing the story will bring much awareness.

To those who fight for freedom, fight on. For those journalists and news agencies that dare to tell the truth, fight on. We are back and we are stronger.

Originally published at Hispanic News Network.

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