No Humanity

Source: Getty Images

Today when I awoke I expected the normal missed notifications on my phone, I pretty much expected another Trump administration screw up. But that is not what I found, what I saw was more awful and sinister. I saw a nation that is being destroyed by its so-called leader, a man that does not deserve to be mentioned unless you are going to humiliate him into getting the hell out of Syria. People in Syria are reporting a gas/chemical attack that has killed dozens and wounded hundreds many of them children.

What makes this a bad situation if you are an American is that the secretary of state Rex Tillerson stated that the United States is not looking for the ouster of Assad, a man that has for years killed his own people in search of greater power. As of now the Trump administration has joined Russia in supporting an administration that continues to kill women and children to stay in power. With the help of the Russian military they have bombed hospitals, places of worship, and camps that protect the innocent population, and they have done that while using the excuse that they are trying to kill ISIS fighters.

While ISIS is a huge threat in the area and they must be destroyed as well, that is not an excuse to kill thousands and thousands of innocent civilians. The United States must not join them in these murderous acts, and they must oppose and condemn the barbarian actions of the Syrian and Russian governments. Today is the day that the U.S. must stand their ground and support the people of Syria, we are the leaders of the free world and the example of what being compassionate and firm in the face of evil looks like. We the people need to demand that from our government, only then can we continue to stand with pride and humility in the face of a chaotic world that looks at us for answers to the most difficult situations. Not because we are prefect but because we can be counted on to do the right thing.