Asian Mail Order Brides: Your Guide To Asian Ladies Online

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Hey there! Asian mail order brides — a topic that’s intriguing to many but often misunderstood. If you’re curious about connecting with someone from a different background, this might just be your cup of tea. The concept of Asian mail order brides involves meeting potential partners from Asian countries who are interested in marriage and possibly relocating. It’s about building bridges across cultures and finding common ground in values, aspirations, and dreams.

From the bustling streets of Manila to the quiet beauty of Kyoto, each story is unique. Perhaps you’re looking for companionship, love, or a new beginning, understanding this phenomenon can open doors to meaningful connections. So, if you’re thinking about the possibilities of an international relationship, stay tuned as we unravel the mysteries and realities behind this fascinating topic.

What makes Asian mail order brides irresistible to men?

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So why exactly do Asian mail order brides attract so much attention from Western men? We can dedicate the whole guide to answering this question in detail, but if you know next to nothing about Asian brides, these are the 5 biggest reasons why you should pay closer attention to them.

Asian mail order brides are the epitome of beauty

Asian mail order wives have a lot to offer to potential partners in the long run, but their beauty is something you can’t help but notice right away. No matter which part of Asia your bride comes from, whether she has ivory or caramel skin, whether she proudly demonstrates her natural features or tastefully accentuates them with makeup — you will never stop admiring her beauty.

Asian women for marriage are lovely to talk to

Asia is a very diverse continent. A woman from one Asian country can have two university degrees and a high-power job, and another can only have a school education and an entry-level position. What unites pretty much all Asian mail order brides is that they are naturally wise and are very good listeners. Your conversations will be enlightening, respectful, and fun.

Asian mail order wives are unspoiled and unpretentious

It can take a typical Western man a lot of effort to impress and woo a local woman, but that is not something you will experience with Asian ladies. If an Asian bride has agreed to go on a date with you, it means she already likes you and accepts you. This is why you won’t need to go out of your way to make a good impression on your date — she already has feelings for you and will try and make things easier between the two of you.

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An Asian bride is sincere beyond belief

Asian women are demure and often behave quietly, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that these women are incredibly sincere. They prefer to speak their minds even when the truth can be uncomfortable. An Asian girl will never have secrets from her partner or act alone when it comes to major life decisions. She rightfully believes that an honest discussion is the best way to get along.

The best Asian brides won’t betray your trust

Whether you’ve known your Asian bride for a few weeks or have been together for several years, you can always count on her loyalty and devotion. Asian women don’t take the decision to date or marry someone lightly. They view it as an ultimate act of commitment and something they cannot just ignore. This is why an Asian bride may be the most loyal human being you’ve ever met.

Asian wife is excellent at keeping your home clean and cozy

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Indeed, women from this region are wonderful housewives. Starting from the fact that a lot of people enjoy Asian cuisine and considering how diligent and hard-working women from Asian countries can be, you can be sure that your home is going to be clean and cozy. Hot Asian wives simply view delicious food and the family gathered around a dinner table as one of the greatest joys in the world.

A beautiful Asian wife is supportive

You can expect to find your wife always there for you. She will be your most devoted and beloved friend whenever you need her. If you’ve always dreamed of a wife who will be on your side even when no one else is, you should definitely consider Asian mail order wives. The husband of an Asian girl is the most important person in the world, so you will be supported no matter what you do!

Asian ladies for marriage make wonderful mothers

Building a serious relationship often implies having kids. And you can be sure that women from this region are excellent with kids. They consider being a mother one of the biggest blessings in the world. As mentioned above, Asian women are very diligent, supportive, and kind, so your kid is going to grow up in a phenomenal and friendly atmosphere that will make them wonderful people.

Why are Asian woman looking for marriage with foreigners?

The decision to look for Asian ladies online for marriage is definitely a serious one for Western men, but the decision to marry a foreign guy is even more serious for Asian women. So why are they drawn to Western gentlemen? These are the most common reasons:

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  • Asian brides find Western men attractive. This is a very straightforward reason why Asian ladies look for foreign men for marriage. They simply enjoy the way these men look, behave, achieve what they want in life, and treat their women. Many Asian women can easily imagine themselves being married to a man like that.
  • Asian women feel like they deserve more. Most Asian brides you meet online will already have some dating or marriage experience, but it often leaves them underwhelmed at best. They want a marriage where they can feel mutual respect and love, a marriage where the man is ready for the responsibility and isn’t afraid of being the sole provider. And they hope to find it in a marriage to a Western man.
  • Asian ladies want a better future. Except for several Asian countries, this region does not provide too many possibilities for young, single women to work good jobs, make a living, and be independent. They believe that they can achieve more when they are married to a foreign man and living abroad, and they always turn out to be right.
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Why should you consider finding an Asian mail order wife?

Dating an Asian bride is an incredible experience, but when you are specifically searching for Asian ladies looking for marriage, it means you have marriage on your mind. Here is why an Asian mail order wife can be your best choice of a life partner.

Asian wives are inspired cooks

People living in Asia have a special relationship with food. Many of the most famous Asian dishes take hours to cook, and it’s not because Asian wives don’t have anything better to do — they simply view delicious food and the family gathered around a dinner table as one of the greatest joys in the world, so they will always find time for it.

An Asian mail order wife is your best support system

If you’ve always dreamed of a wife who will be on your side even when no one else is, you should definitely consider Asian mail order wives. When these women get married, they consider their husbands the most talented and strongest men on the planet who are always right. An Asian wife will give you the confidence and support you need to succeed.

Asian women for marriage make wonderful mothers

Not all women in Asia are ready to have kids early in life or to have more than two children. However, all of them have a similar attitude towards motherhood. They consider it as one of the biggest blessings in the world. An Asian mother is a woman who manages to spend almost all of her time attending to her little ones without neglecting other aspects of her life, including being a loving and doting wife.

How to know if an Asian mail order bride is for you?

The journey to buy an Asian mail order bride is certainly more challenging than meeting and marrying a local woman. However, thousands of men believe it’s totally worth it. So should you consider meeting an Asian bride? You definitely should if these three facts describe you:

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  • You are looking for 100% commitment. When you marry an Asian woman, you will never have to worry about whether your marriage will last or your wife will stay faithful to you for as long as you are together. This is the only way Asian brides view marriage, so you will never need to question your wife’s commitment.
  • You want your wife to treat her family as a priority. Western women often struggle to find the balance between work and home life, but that is never a problem for Asian mail order wives. When these women notice that their work interferes with their family life, they never hesitate to make the right choice and leave the distractions behind.
  • You don’t like arguments and fights. Asian brides are famous for being quiet and docile. And while they can definitely stand their ground and they know their worth, they are also not the type of women to fight and quarrel. Your Asian wife will always try to peacefully achieve an agreement or postpone the talk until you’re both calm.

Are Asian mail order brides legal? Are Asian mail order brides real?

One of the reasons why this question is raised so often is the fact that you are told that you can ‘buy or order a woman online’. While it is true, the meaning of this phrase is not what it implies. First of all, you are not ‘buying’ anyone. Women that become mail order brides are not forced to do that. They do it voluntarily, and the reasons why they do it can vary dramatically.

To buy a mail order bride means to spend money on communication online. The whole process of searching, communicating, and even interacting in real life with your potential bride defines ‘buying a mail order bride’. Again, girls who look for foreign husbands online don’t do it forcibly.

Mail order bride services are completely legal in the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, and other Western countries. Moreover, it is legal to look for brides in the most popular countries with Asian women for marriage.

You should be cautious though since the online dating and mail order bride industry suffers from scams and fraud. If you want to have a proper and authentic experience of communicating with Asian girls, you need to choose the proper websites. Here is what you need to do:

  • Look for reviews of the site you want to use
  • Try to find as much information from different sources as you can
  • Don’t spend money in the first couple of days

Asian mail order brides statistics

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If you have serious intentions to marry a woman from an Asian country, you should know a lot about the dynamics of how people create and maintain their marriages and families. In this section, we would like to offer you detailed statistics regarding the top 5 most popular Asian countries with Asian mail order brides.

🇵🇭 The Philippines

  • Number of mail order brides: 3,069 in 2020
  • Divorce rates: divorce is illegal in the Philippines
  • The average age of getting married: 27
  • The average age of brides: 23–24
  • Overall success rate: 85% (Filipino brides are very popular)
  • Best dating site: Philitalks

🇯🇵 Japan

  • Number of mail order brides: 195 in 2020
  • Divorce rates: 1.8 per 1000 people
  • The average age of getting married: 28
  • The average age of brides: 26
  • Overall success rate: 75%
  • Best dating site: SakuraDate
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🇨🇳 China

  • Number of mail order brides: 405 in 2020
  • Divorce rates: 3.36 per 1000 people
  • The average age of getting married: 23
  • The average age of brides: 22
  • Overall success rate: 65%
  • Best dating site: TheLuckyDate

🇰🇷 Korea

  • Number of mail order brides: 176 in 2020
  • Divorce rates: 2.1 per 1000 people
  • The average age of getting married: 24
  • The average age of brides: 22
  • Overall success rate: 75%
  • Best dating site: SakuraDate

🇻🇳 Vietnam

  • Number of mail order brides: 861
  • Divorce rates: 0.2 per 1000 people
  • The average age of getting married: 22
  • The average age of brides: 18–24
  • Overall success rate: 80%
  • Best dating site: EasternHoneys

Myths about hot Asian brides

Building a serious relationship requires you to understand what kind of person is in front of you. And looking for a real Asian wife online can be difficult because you may know something about them that is not correct. In this section, we would like to offer you some useful facts about brides from Asian countries so that you understand what to expect from relationships with them. Here are the top 3 myths and stereotypes about Asian singles.

  1. Hot Asian women are exceptionally sexual. While some of them can be like that, don’t expect your woman to be a guru of sex. Asian girls are viewed as something exotic but don’t expect them to be like that.
  2. Asian women are humble and obedient. Although it is not exactly false, don’t look for these qualities right away. You may find a lot of Asian women who act like that. And while this feature is somewhat cultural quality, there are plenty of singles who are active and independent.
  3. Asian singles only use mail order bride services to get a Green Card. No, there are easier ways to do that.
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How much does it cost to find an Asian mail order bride?

You cannot legally buy an Asian bride, but when reading guides to international dating and marriage, you can often come across phrases like “Asian mail order bride price”. So what does it actually mean and how much is an Asian mail order bride?

It goes without saying that buying anyone is illegal, and the woman you meet needs to agree to marry you out of love, not out of monetary gain. However, “Asian bride price” is a real thing and it’s the amount of money you’ll pay for meeting Asian mail order wives online and then in real life. Here is how much you can pay on average.

Asian mail order bride cost

Online dating costs

There are some dating sites that work completely for free, but they are usually riddled with scammers and are not really designed for serious, long-term dating. This is why you will need one of the trusted dating platforms that specialize in international dating, and we’ve already listed some of the best ones for you above.

Obviously, these dating services are not free, because they need to maintain some level of exclusivity for the safety of their members. Some websites charge you a paid monthly membership, which typically costs around $10, and others provide a membership to everyone for free.

A Premium membership gives you some perks compared to free members, but it usually doesn’t include all the communication features you need. You will need in-site currency, typically called credits, to pay for those. You can get some credits for free after signing up or performing certain actions, but they won’t last you long. Here is what the credit offers can look like on a popular dating sites like SakuraDate, EasternHoneys or TheLuckyDate:

  • $15.99–2 credits
  • $96–16 credits
  • $399–100 credits
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Offline dating costs

The ideal scenario is when you quickly find your ideal match, talk to her for several months online, and then meet her in real life to see if your relationship is as strong as you thought. You shouldn’t expect your Asian bride to visit you for the first time, as it’s customary for men to make this important first step.

The average budget for visiting Asia largely depends on where exactly you are going. There are countries in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, where you can have an incredible stay for a moderate amount of money. But there are also countries like Japan and South Korea, where it’s downright impossible to travel on a tight budget. This is why it’s impossible to give you the exact cost, but here is the approximate price range for two weeks in Asia:

  • Airplane tickets — $700-$1,500
  • Hotel — $800-$2,000
  • Food — $600-$1,400
  • Transportation — $300-$600
  • Entertainment — $500-$1,500

It’s also worth noting that you can face some unforeseen expenses, such as gifts to your bride and to her family in case you get to meet them. This is why it’s always a good idea to have another $1,000-$2,000 with you when you are taking that life-changing trip.

How to buy Asian wife?

  1. Select a platform that you can trust. Finding a proper mail order bride website is the key to success. Look for articles, reviews, and personal feedback. The more information you find, the more confident you can be that your site will be successful.
  2. Create an account. It is a quick process, as all you have to do is provide your personal information and fill out some forms.
  3. Seek a suitable bride. Use any tools necessary to find a perfect woman. Whether it is matchmaking, manual search, filters, or any other feature available on the site, you need to be active and look for girls all the time.
  4. Contact your potential bride. Once you find a woman you like, send her a message. Asian singles love men who are charming and sweet!
  5. Organize a real-life date. After some time communicating online, you can set up a real-life date, where you can ask your lady to marry you!
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Opening lines for online dating with Asian girl for marriage

Here are a few opening lines that can help you approach your bride and start a relationship with her:

  • I see you love reading. So do I! What is your favorite author?
  • Girl, you are so pretty, I had to wait a few hours before finding the courage to send you a message. I’m just going to keep it simple — I’m Mike, and I really like you!
  • I think we got matched because we both like hiking and outdoor activities. But I bet there are more things in common. What else do you like?
  • Among hundreds of profiles that I saw today, your profile stood out for me!
  • I find you incredibly cute, do you want to chat a little bit?

Success stories about Asian women for marriage

Take a look at examples of real-life love stories between western men and Asian mail order brides.

Asian mail order bride stories
Asian mail order bride user review


Are Asian mail order wives legal?

They sure are! You can marry an Asian bride absolutely legally no matter where you live. All you need to do is help your bride legally enter the country where you plan to get married and live after that. For example, American citizens need to get K-1 visas for their brides before they plan the marriage ceremony.

Can you really get an Asian bride for sale?

No. Even though you can often see dating websites mentioning Asian mail order brides for sale or an opportunity to buy an Asian mail order bride, that is nothing more than a marketing trick. In reality, Asian women make their own decision to marry someone and you cannot influence that decision with money. What you can do is invest money into your online dating experience to make it more effective.

Who is the best Asian woman to marry?

With almost 50 countries to choose from when it comes to meeting Asian brides, the choice of the best Asian wife can be tough. The best approach is to research different nationalities of Asian mail order brides and make your choice based on your desired qualities. For example, men usually go for Chinese brides if they want a hard-working partner, Filipino brides when they want to start a family right away, and Korean brides if they value a bright personality.

How old do Asian mail order brides tend to be?

One of the key differences between Asian women for marriage and Western women is that Asian girls tend to settle down much earlier. The best Asian wives you can meet online will be between 20 and 34. There are, of course, ladies older than that, but the majority of Asian brides online fall into that age group.

Will there be a language barrier with Asian ladies online?

The answer to this question very much depends on which country and social background your bride comes from. Generally, women in Asia have at least an intermediate level of English, which is enough for getting to know each other. And the best Asian brides from the most developed countries usually know English even better and don’t need any help to communicate with you.

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