Bulgarian Brides Online — What Makes These Girls The Best Foreign Wives?

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Hey everyone! So, Bulgarian mail order brides. If you’re curious about the qualities that make women from this small but culturally rich country so appealing, you’re in the right place. Bulgarian mail order brides are celebrated not just for their striking looks but also for their resilient spirit, warm hearts, and deep familial values.

Bulgarian women blend Eastern European charm and earnestness with a fierce commitment to their relationships. Whether it’s their enchanting traditions or the sincere way they treat their partners, there’s a lot that might catch your interest. So, if you’re thinking about a partner who brings loyalty and a splash of Eastern European mystique to the table, let’s peel back the layers on what makes these women truly one-of-a-kind. Stick around, and let’s get into the details!

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  1. SofiaDate
  2. BravoDate
  3. TheLuckyDate
  4. LoveForHeart
  5. JollyRomance
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Bulgarian mail order brides: Top outstanding features and perks

Before you take a deep dive into the world of Bulgarian beauty, it makes sense to learn as much as possible about these girls. They have unique physical traits and numerous positive features that engage men all around the world. Study them all to determine whether Bulgarian girls fulfill your love-seeking needs.

Personality traits

Once you decide to share your life with a Bulgaria girl for marriage, you will need to have a general insight into which personality traits these girls have. Keep in mind that ladies may seem a bit uptight at the beginning of your relationships. But once you learn their principles and values, you will see that these girls are reliable partners and are worth trusting. Here are the most prominent features of Bulgarian women that you will definitely like:

  1. Open-hearted. These girls are open to new acquaintances. Also, they always show their emotions, whether they are good or bad. If your lady has something on her mind, you will know that. Unlike the majority of Western ladies, Bulgarian mail order brides don’t support the idea of hiding their feelings. They believe that healthy relationships may exist only when both partners can share their emotions.
  2. Easy to approach. Just like Latvian brides, all Bulgarian ladies are friendly, mind-tempered, and open to new experiences. They adore making family parties and spending time with their closest people. Women from this country are rather communicative and can easily support any conversation. They easily make friends, and foreign people are no exception.
  3. Non-materialistic. Bulgarian brides don’t strive for financial gain when looking for foreign husbands. Also, they prefer symbolic gifts rather than expensive perfumes or gadgets. These ladies don’t consider the financial status of a man when choosing a partner to share a life with. However, they still consider men to be the main providers for their families.
  4. Self-confidence. What makes girls from Bulgaria so outstanding is the fact that they are very self-assured and confident. If you are looking for a woman who knows how to deal with any situation, you should consider finding a Bulgarian wife. Such quality is essential because you can rely on your partner at any time.
  5. Active way of life. Bulgarian ladies are all about outdoor activities and sports. They like being active, which is very good for them since most girls you will find are going to be exceptionally hot and fit. So, if you like being active, hiking and jogging with a Bulgarian mail order bride can be a perfect way to get close to your partner.
  6. Intelligence. Last but not least, women from this country are known to be rather smart. A high level of education ensures that most Bulgarian brides can obtain at least one degree. It also ensures that the majority of women for marriage from Bulgaria have decent English, which is essential for long-term and online communication. Also, you can discuss any topic with your spouse, which will bring another dose of vibrancy to your relationship.
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Physical features that engage men

If you want to buy Bulgarian women for marriage, you should know the peculiarities of their appearance. These foreign brides employ typical European physical features in terms of appearance and the way they carry themselves. They tend to keep their bodies and skin in good conditions to preserve a fresh and youthful look.

Bulgarian women boast natural beauty and an excellent sense of style. Slovenian girls can dress up casually but look just perfect. When they complement their natural charm with fancy dresses and vibrant accessories, they can leave everyone in awe. Thanks to their elegance, they don’t need to buy brand new clothes to look great. These girls know how to highlight their strong points and show off their natural appeal.

Why are Bulgarian brides popular on the dating scene?

There is a large pool of Bulgarian girls for marriage registered on the site. They have vast popularity among men due to a number of reasons, including:

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  • Self-confidence. Women from Bulgaria are self-assured, especially when it comes to making formal decisions. Regardless of which situation these girls appear in, they will find the right way out. Such self-trust makes a positive impression on men and even blows them away.
  • Active way of life. Bulgarian ladies are all about outdoor activities and sports. This is the main reason they have fit bodies and good health. If you are all about hiking, jogging, or horse riding, your wife will be your partner in all your adventures.
  • Intelligence. Bulgaria has a high level of education, so most ladies from this country have a degree. They speak English well, so you won’t experience the language barrier. Also, you can discuss any topic with your spouse which will bring another dose of vibrancy to your relationships.

Reasons Bulgarian mail order brides want to marry a foreigner

Like Polish brides, Bulgarian females don’t hunt for men just because they are looking for financial stability. Here are some reasons Bulgarian women for marriage want to bond with foreigners:

  • New experiences. Ladies from Bulgaria know what to expect from local guys. That is why they want to broaden their horizons and experience absolutely new emotions in relationships. These girls consider Western guys to be perfect candidates to be in love with.
  • Personal task. Just like different men prefer different women (tall, slim blonde), Bulgarian women are all about Western guys. Some admire their accent, while others are fond of the lifestyle they follow.
  • The success of cross-cultural relationships. Each Bulgarian mail order bride believes that international marriages are bound to succeed. Once both partners learn different cultures and values, they become better able to understand each other, thus creating a closer connection.

How to determine whether your couple has a future?

If you want to buy a Bulgarian wife, you should understand that you match each other. Here are some signs that will help you determine that your relationships will be happy.

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  • You are comfortable being silent together. One of the signs that you have a healthy relationship is that you are not bothered by being silent together. This means that you already trust each other enough not to confirm your feelings with constant attention. Reading a book, scrolling through social media feeds — you should feel comfortable doing such routine things with your spouse.
  • You don’t worry about what she is doing when you aren’t together. This is about trust. If you trust your partner, you won’t check out what she is doing every single hour. In case you are committed, you should be sure your partner is reliable enough to spend the rest of your life together.
  • You take each other’s careers seriously. Balancing work and relationships can be tricky, especially when you’re inexperienced in either area. Both partners should support each other’s career ambitions, even if it’s not always convenient. If your Bulgarian bride reacts to your work or business trips negatively, that’s cause for concern, considering you will be a single breadwinner in your family at the beginning of your relationship.

Bulgarian mail order wife’s statistics: Main numbers to know

Here are a few facts about Bulgarian mail order brides that can help you make the right decision and build a proper relationship with a woman from this country.

Number of brides

Bulgaria is not the most popular country with mail order brides. In 2020, only 33 girls came to the United States. Still, these numbers represent women who came to the US, and other Western countries are not included.

Rates of divorce

The rates of divorce in Bulgaria are rather average among European countries. 1.51 per 1,000 average population in 2018 got divorced, while in the United States, these numbers vary from 3,5–4 per 1,000 people.

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Number of kids

Bulgarian families tend to have 2–3 kids. A family is one of the most fundamental concepts in Bulgarian culture, so people usually want to have kids as soon as possible.

Success rates

Bulgarian women for marriage are smart, kind, and communicative, so you can expect to have at least 75% of success with women from this country. There might not be that many brides from this country, but once you find one, you will have a great time.

Are Bulgarian mail order brides legal? Are they real?

Yes, pretty Bulgarian women for marriage are legal in all Western countries. It is legal to seek a woman from Bulgaria as a mail order bride, just like it is legal for a woman to become a mail order wife. Most people think that these services are illegal because they believe them to be related to human trafficking. It is not. Girls for marriage do everything because they want to have a better life, and they are not forced to become mail order wives.

Success stories about Bulgarian women for marriage

Bulgarian mail order bride experience

Methods to find Bulgarian brides

Actually, you can use two ways to find a pretty Bulgaria girl. You may think about visiting this hospitable country. However, it may cost you a fortune, considering the prices for tickets and other expenses connected with accommodation and entertainment. Moreover, this search may not always result in success since you never know where your soulmate is.

Online dating offers absolutely new possibilities for your romance journey. You can get acquainted with multiple like-minded singles right from the comfort of your home. Moreover, it is possible to communicate with multiple girls until you choose the best fit. Besides, dedicated services provide a more affordable Bulgarian brides cost compared to offline search.

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How much does a Bulgarian bride cost?

Speaking about the cost of marrying a Bulgarian woman online, let’s talk about how you can find a woman from this country. There are two suitable options. First, you can fly to Bulgaria. It is a very hospitable country. Yet, this option may cost you a fortune, considering the prices for tickets and other expenses connected with accommodation and entertainment. Also, the effectiveness of such a search may not be optimal.

Online dating, on the other hand, allows you to spend just a few dollars and have almost endless opportunities to find a suitable partner. And the best thing is that you can date multiple girls until you choose the best fit.

Bulgarian mail order brides cost

Let’s look at each option in more detail.

The cost of online dating

The Bulgaria bride price is a matter of concern for many aspiring love-seekers. As mentioned, online dating services are less expensive compared to traveling abroad. You will just need to pay for a monthly subscription or credit package. This is what a credit package might look like on most popular dating sites:

  • $9.99–20 credits
  • $19.99–50 credits
  • $44.99–125 credits
  • $69.99–250 credits
  • $149.99–750 credits

The cost of offline dating

Sooner or later, you may want to improve your relationship and organize a personal meeting. In this case, you will need to pay for such expenses:

  • Flight tickets. The most popular route is from New York to Sofia, which costs about $800 for both directions.
  • Hotel. The average price for a 3-star hotel in Sofia is $51 per night.
  • Food. The average dinner bill in the restaurant in Sofia is $40 per two people.

Also, you should be ready to add such expenses as entertainment, dates, and traveling across the country into your Bulgarian bride price list. Besides, don’t forget to please your spouse with gifts.

How to buy a Bulgarian wife?

  • Choose a reliable and effective online dating platform.
  • Create an account and a profile.
  • Define what kind of Bulgarian single woman you want to find.
  • Look for a Bulgarian lady that meets your needs.
  • Contact a suitable date.
  • Build a serious relationship.
  • Fly to Bulgaria to have a real-life date.
  • Ask your Bulgarian girl to marry you.

Opening lines for online dating with Bulgarian wife

It might be challenging to approach foreign girls. Here are a few opening lines that might help you get along with your bride:

  1. I see you are an Arts major. Was it difficult studying arts?
  2. You have such a lovely smile. I wish I could make you laugh sometimes.
  3. What a lovely dog you have in your photo. Is it a boy or a girl?
  4. Do you think that you can find a soulmate online? I believe that it is possible.
  5. What is your favorite movie? I see you are a huge fan of movies, based on your profiles page!

Dating a Bulgarian bride online: Main tips to know

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Take a look at a few dating tips that will help you have a great time with a woman from Bulgaria:

  • Learn something about your bride’s country. The more you know, the more you can talk about.
  • Don’t try to be patronizing. Respect your bride, and don’t think she needs your protection or support.
  • Read your bride’s profile page. You can find a lot of useful information there.

Pros and cons of Bulgarian mail order brides

If you want to build a long term relationship and find a perfect match, you need to understand what criteria your partner must meet. Therefore, let’s look at the main pros and cons of dating beautiful girls from Bulgaria.


  • ✅ Bulgarian wives are very smart and educated
  • ✅ They have high levels of English
  • ✅ Bulgaria is a very Western-oriented country
  • ✅ Bulgarian mail order wives are active and energetic


  • ❌ There is quite a small number of Bulgarian mail order brides
  • ❌ They may be too shy at the beginning of your relationship
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Are Bulgarian girls easy?

Beautiful Bulgarian women are not easy. They are self-assured and know what they are worth. They won’t date a man just because he is a foreigner. Furthermore, these hot ladies know what kind of guy is perfect for Bulgarian women for marriage, so they will look for such a guy as long as they need it.

How loyal are Bulgarian wives?

Loyalty is one of the most important qualities of Bulgarian mail order spouses. A girl from this country knows that she has to be her husband’s most trustworthy friend and ally.

Conclusion: Are Bulgarian brides worth it?

Bulgarian brides are sought-after on the dating scene thanks to their appealing physical traits and unique personality features. They are faithful and family-focused. You can rely on your partner whichever life situation you experience. Although the search for your perfect partner requires some expenses, they will be completely justified in the long run.

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