Loki Updates for April
Cassidy James Blaede

Changes are (almost) always welcomed and these ones look good! :) I wonder why does the hardware section show 8.1GB of RAM memory (0.1 more than 8GB’s) instead of let’s say “7.7” or something.

In addition, the next screenshot update should (if possible, of course!) add the “default folder” option. In my case I don’t want to have screenshots all over the place mixed with other images under the “Pictures” folder, and having to manually open and select “Screenshots” created folder every time is a drag. Default option should make it so all screenshots go into the selected default folder unless told different, manually.

Keep up the work guys, Elementary (besides having the best distro name — Go Sherlock!) is looking to be one of the best easy-to-use solid Linux distros for average consumers.

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