My journey to becoming a software engineer.

Once upon a time, a university graduate named Willis wasn’t sure what to do with his life. He went through many jobs within 2 years of graduating but just couldn’t find the perfect job because of how monotonous and routine they were. All those jobs lacked one thing Willis was good at : problem- solving. Frantic, he sought a solution to his dilemma and stumbled upon a world of coding. He traveled all over the vast world of the Internet and stumbled a building that reads Holberton School.

I want to attend Holberton School because it can give me all the tools I need to obtain a career in software engineering. I’ve researched many “bootcamps” and most would only teach you one or two languages and a framework to get a junior web-dev job. But from my understanding of Holberton School, they force you to teach yourself “the bigger picture” of software with projects. This unconventional method is exactly what I need to force my mind to transcend to higher level of thinking.