I am the sea

I wanted to be,

and I became.

Tried and failed,

waded through,

laughed, learned, listened, cried

and persevered.

Why is it? you ask,

detour from the expected,

only to believe what they see as this…

precarious version of human kind?

I say,

it is because,

this is exactly where I intended to be.

One day…

I said I would

find the right words and that

they would be simple.

I am now able to feel

the flutter of the sea breeze.

I am able to see

life… as you would,

as the cacophony of the breeze flutters my hair

between my eyes.

Blurred, you think it might be.

Colourful I see them.

Push your hair off of your eyes,

you say,

the road is long and yet to be ventured,

donot let the picturesque be blurred.

Glimpse the furbished gold of dawn by the sea, let that be the metaphor you seek.

I smile,

I hear you, I try believe.

But I say,

I am the the alibi to

your story,

I was here when you

fluttered and drifted.

you know the day before, by the sea?

You see,I am

the sea.