Michael Dietsche

Hey Michael!

I like your group of interviewees a lot. You’re pretty lucky to have such a relevant group of individuals right at your fingertips! I think you got some of your most valuable feedback from this group, as they know the kids snack life. I like how in depth you got in your interview with Lisa. It seems like she gave you some useful suggestions and specific things to think about, like the below quote:

Could tell your kids what to eat via categories, that way it’s not mom telling you, because the kids don’t always like that.

I wish the interviews would have read more like a dialogue, particularly when there is a long list of questions asked, like in interview #3. It’s difficult to follow the questions and connect them to the answers. When I read a question but never see the answer, I’m left hanging! I also wish you would have focused a bit more on the interactive aspect of gaming on your phone, since relating apps to snacking almost certainly will be interactive in some way.

What if simple retro games could be applied to the kids snacking experience? It seems pretty easy to get creative with the most simple of games such as “snake,” “tetris,” or “pong.” Maybe these could come back and be exciting again if they were somehow related to an incentive after eating a healthy snack. I can think of several iterations of each of these games that creatively relates to snacks.

Nice job!


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