Lauren McGrath
Oct 31 · 2 min read

The scariest thing you’ll see this Halloween

Tweedle dee and Tweedle dumb wrap themselves in straight pride flags. Capture here circa (2019) colorized.
Directed, shot, and edited by the talented Isaiah Nieves

A video made by my dear dear friend Isaiah Nieves. Someone give him a film job- NOW!!! Click on this to watch the scariest thing you’ll see this Halloween: STRAIGHT PRIDE!!!!

Share this so your friends can partake in the hilarity!!! Also hug your favorite gay/transgender person you know, and let them know you love them, and that you’re sorry these bigot idiots exist.

Special thanks to our security team: David Lepore and Ashley Nally-Nagel. For the record Ashley was the real security, they feared her more than dave, because they’re not morons.

Actually my mental health is at a level where I shouldn’t be able to shoot anything or anyone! Let’s take away the guns! all of them. Give them to me. I’ll eat them for lunch. Donate to this cause:

Woah, haha, this, blew, up, wow, I’m, famous? My medium:

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I’m a comedian! Also a writer of things I feel strongly about.Unfortunately,I was just diagnosed with a disorder that makes me feel strongly towards everything.

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