Dear Senator Sanders: I’m with You in the Fight Ahead
David Brock

If you think I’m going to lend my energy and passion to defeating Trump just to install yet another ‘centrist Democrat’ (aka Republican) who will triangulate with the GOP to keep the masses hungry and struggling so the billionaires and their minions can keep living their lifestyles of the rich and famous, think again. Bernie Sanders has nothing in common with the leadership of today’s DNC. His ‘radical idea’ was to tell people the truth, which is what he did. You and your biased publications, million dollar trolls, and collusion with corporate owned media have no place in #OurRevolution. I do not accept your apology as a supporter of Bernie Sanders as I don’t believe it sincere. I have no doubt 2020 will see you employed by the likes of Cuomo, some other Clinton clone, or (God forbid) Hillary herself, again. The blinders are off. People have seen the scam of neoliberal capitalism and it’s over. The death throes my be long and painful but it is dying and I’ll not waste one ounce of my energy on anyone who will be working to ressuccitate it, as I am sure you will be. You didn’t get rich standing for people who stood for people like me.

PS: You can tell your CTR trolls who gloated they didn’t need me or my vote after your candidate stole the nomination that karma’s a funny thing. Now, we don’t need them.

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