Tips from hiking the Otter trail, Garden Route, South Africa

It’s taken a few days to properly digest the experience. I doubt this post will capture that experience, but what I can do is give some tips that I think might make the experience better.


Walking stick: The most valuable item I had during the 5 day hike was without a doubt the hiking stick I picked up in the first few minutes of the hike. Having one that is almost as tall as you are is great for steep descents. Mine had a slight curve which made it springy which I also found nice. We added some duct tape to make the grip less harsh on the skin. The reason the hiking stick was so valuable is that, with ~20kg on your back, every time you don’t balance yourself perfectly you have to spend a shit load of energy correcting for it. Given the terrain and distance, this happens quite a lot. Having a hiking stick to stabilize saved a lot of energy.

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