English Activity at 2017-10-26 (Tue)

English Learner 500 Short Stories for Beginner-Intermediate (English Edition)

  • I have read through “60. Let Those Evebrows Grow” from “57. A Dog’s Life” .
  • Today, Parts that I have read was difficult to read…

Accidental Tech Podcast: 244: The Mac Renaissance

  • I continue listening.


  • あまり目新しい発見はなかったかなー
  • I went to farewell party. 自分の中では英語力の低さでちゃんとメッセージを受け止めきれてない感があったのが心残りというか悔しかったな。学習は引き続きやってくぞ。this part was very very fun for me. so, I drank too much…
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