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I understand your thinking. You are correct in predicting ride-sharing as a preferred system 4 Mobility.

We can debate and compare to lifestyles of housing,travel and the shared economy as well☺

As for Mr Ghosn 'fireside chat'

Are you saying he didn’t explain his companies are NOT exploring these trajectories?

As a New Car Franchise dealer, I must tune in for timing and positioning — I heard he is very open an actively pursuing all avenues. My take on it, not following the lambs to the slaughter by investing in teams he has not thoroughly vetted either for partnership ,investing in or watching for the future direction that they are taking and or experimenting in .It appears He is watching as counter part OEMs invest.

He will select the best of the best to collaborate with.

He stated he is welcoming working with tech companies, and seeking internal engineers.

Mr.Ghosn explained they will do what they do best and seek partners for the aspects they will incorporate. He described the OEM role as Master Architects.

He has an advantage. Having 3 companies he can create a design for each one of those companies to individually spearhead directions that he can test for performance.

I shall study all his companies closely ☺

Your article is a great read !!!

Thank you☺