Project 3 “Profile”

Angelina Jolie is an actress, model, voice actress, director, screenwriter and activist for the rights of American women. Also she is Ambassador Goodwill during 3 years. She was with Brad Pitt during 10 years and they had 4 children, in addition to a boy and a girl that Jolie adopted before the relationship.

She has received several awards for her acting achievements, including two Oscar Awards (one for best actress and the humanitarian award) and three Golden Globes. 
In 2016 the London School of Economics announced that Jolie would be teaching a new master’s degree on “Women, peace and security” with the aim of helping women affected by conflicts around the world.

Angelina Jolie is an example of life because she cares about her life and the lives of others. 
As we have seen, she has done great things for the world and thats why we should follow her in her ventures and ideas.

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