Meet our Tenants — Peter Lang

Peter is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Giggle Software, that concentrates on video game development. They specialise in 2D-based video games, aimed at a child-friendly market but one that caters to adults too. This was all drawn from his own personal experiences from when he played video games as a child.

Here’s Peter…

However, as I have grown older, I have noticed that I still love the more child-friendly games and also seen that there is a large audience who feels the same as me! I have made that apart of my target market. The style of the games that I develop our very colourful and are specifically designed to excite people. The whole idea is to attempt to draw them into the vivid imagery that the game provides.

How long have you been running Giggle Software for?

I have been running the company since Summer 2015, so for about four months now. It’s been a challenge to get it up and running, but an exciting one to say the least.

What was it that made you realise that setting up something that you could call your way, was the route that you wanted to take?

I knew for a very long time I didn’t want to enrol to University, as I like more practical work, rather than studying academically. I always knew that I wanted to go with my own ideas, and take them as far as possible.

I love video games and designing my own things for myself. I love working within teams, but I feel that I have my own vision that I can do great things with. Ultimately, I was enthralled by the possibility of doing things myself and the creativity that allows me to do so.

That leads us nicely on to the next question, what are the biggest lessons you’ve learnt since starting out?

It has taught me to have focus. This can be from having long-term goals for your organisation to simply just knowing what you want to have done by the end of the day. This helps you to structure and organise your time, which is vital when running a business.

What is on the horizon for Giggle Software for the next few months and years?

To develop several games — we’re aiming to publish our first ever game around Christmas time. The aim is to gain a reputation for developing several quality games over a monthly period. For us, it’s very important to develop lovable and relatable characters, to develop amazing level environments and importantly, to have the player be able to return to the game at any time — to give it that replay factor. We want players to get invested into a franchise, so they want the sequel or the next instalment within the series.

What is it about the Gaming Industry that excites you?

The fact that you just don’t know what the next big thing will be. The technology used in game is ever-changing and the themes shown in gaming as a medium, are incredibly diverse. The results you can get from even the basic hardware to the most complex, is fascinating. The industry has grown so much in the last twenty years, and I am really excited to see where it will go in the next twenty years!

We were so excited when you joined us and when we got to hear about your products. You’ve been with us for a week now, how are you founding it?

I love it here, it’s very relaxing and you are able to focus on your work. Those two concepts and how they intertwine is vital to giving structure to your day.

It works brilliantly.

Peter and Georgia (Co-Founder) at the Wirral Chamber of Commerce — Young Commerce Launch, receiving the Ambassador Award

What’s it like working in an open plan office?

It’s great. I enjoy interacting with all the different members and staff. It’s great to have ‘brain breaks’ and talk to everyone who pops in here.

Everyone at Launch22 is here to work, so your time isn’t completely taken up by relaxation. I don’t think that without the space and the relaxation time that you can have here, that the work wouldn’t be as high quality. I am a firm believer that creativity thrives in the community feel, that Launch22 provides.

That’s great to hear Peter, do you think it’s had an impact on the way you work?

It’s helped me in putting structure to my day and it’s great to be able to come to an office like this. I like to come and interact with different people and I’ve found that I’m expanding network by getting to know all the different people here.

Killer questions — what would you do if you had the entire space to yourself for the day?

I’d probably just chill and have a table tennis tournament with my friends!

You’re getting pretty good, so we’re not surprised! Thank you Peter, you’ve been great to talk too.

You can follow Peter on Twitter at @PeterEricLang and see what he’s getting up too on

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