Meet the Team — Michael Walsh

First days are always a mixture of excitement and nervousness. You don’t know what to exactly expect when you meet your colleagues for the first time but at the same time, you are also excited to work somewhere new and meet new people.

When I first heard that Launch22’s office was located within an old 70s office block in the middle of town and that’s when the preconceptions started to pop up. I had visions of walking into an office filled with dull walls and white office desks, fully believing that the only thing I’d hear at my desk was the buzz off the water cooler and the awkward monotonous small talk with team members.

As soon as I walked into the office, I was blown away by the welcome that I received and the beauty of the working space. It taught me never to trust my preconceptions again…

From the get-go, I was welcomed into the team with open arms and immediately thrown straight into the deep end.

When you apply for a job, you always take the job description with a pinch of salt, but my time at Launch22 so far has taken that to the extreme. From doing my daily tasks of marketing the space, helping with events and managing the community, I’ve also been running across Liverpool City centre with crates of wine glasses, plastering and mixing cement with Eddie, our chief executive, and becoming a semi-professional gardener (‘semi’ is being ridiculously kind).

That is just scratching the surface!

No matter how you put it, the first month has been something else, with the launch event at the start of last month being the highlight so far. I’m definitely loving my first month at Launch22, and I know that there are more exciting times around the corner.