How To Find A Committed Agency Recruiter

The staffing and employment industry can be a high turnover industry. If you are looking to work with a recruitment firm, you need to consider whether they have a high staff turnover.

This can be one of the best ways to test whether an employment agency is right for you.

Often, employment agencies or headhunters whose employees change regularly, have this happen because they have often employed young and inexperienced staff in the hope that they will turn out and if not, they won’t have spent a lot of money training and inducting them.

However, this can give the recruitment industry a bad name as they are providing a less than optimum experience for their clients and the candidates that are hoping to find employment through their connections.

If you want to find success with a recruiting consultant, find out if the recruiter is experienced, has good contacts, is passionate about their job and the company can retain its top talent.

Some of the more successful job search agencies, such as Launch Recruitment, not only have very low turnover, but have won numerous awards both at the corporate and individual staff level.

Companies like Launch value their team and the experience they bring to the business and this flows through to the clients and candidates that they place.

How To Find A Top Specialist Recruiter

Whether you’re a candidate looking for work or an employer looking for a top employee, you will likely be considering using a specialist recruiter.

This is because it can be so time consuming to go through this process alone.

Candidates: A job seeker can get a lot of very useful information about the company and the vacant position they are applying for. A specialist recruiter can help bring you up to speed on company culture, what is important and what type of experience and skill set is most valued by the company.

Additionally, they can help you prepare an appropriate resume, job application and cover letter. They can assist you by providing example questions and make suggestions for the best way to dress and present yourself when being interviews.

Clients: An employer can save many hours of frustration and disappointment by utilising the services of an experienced recruitment agency to take over the advertising, vetting candidates and even the initial interview stage. There are many different aspects that can be taken over by an employment firm.

You can decide what parts of the employment process you need the recruiter to cover for you. By working together, you are more likely to find the best possible candidate for the job.

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