Getting to know Andrew Ochoa, CEO of Waverly Labs

Where did you grow up and what was it like?
I grew up in Dallas, TX in an old Mexican neighborhood. We were poor and didn’t have much but my family was close and holidays always filled the house with distant relatives.

How old are you?

What was your first job?
For two years during high school I worked at a restaurant operated by a great boss, and the lessons I learned there have had a huge impact on how I view the quality of my work.

What are you working on and why?
Waverly Labs is at the convergence of wearable technology + machine translation, developing the world’s first smart earpiece language translator.

Using the latest technologies in speech recognition, machine translation and the advances of wearable technology, our smart earpiece allows wearers to speak different languages but still clearly understand each other. Simply put, when one person speaks, the other hears it in their language. Science fiction has called it many things, but we call it Pilot.

What’s a typical day like for you?
I don’t have typical days. Some days I’m at the office by 7am and don’t leave until 10pm. Others are a bit more relaxed, and I only stay until 7pm. But Saturday is always a work day. Usually I’m back to back in meetings throughout the day, but I’ve learned to stop scheduling anything before 11am, unless it’s with someone overseas, in which case I’m just as likely to be on a conference call in the early morning or late evening. Our office is at a small curated co-working space in the lower east side where the members and staff are great and always hosting awesome events, so even though it’s “work,” it’s never a dull moment at the office.

Favorite Gadget/App of the moment?
Popcorn Time. No point in buying the cow when you get the milk for free. Plus the milk is delivered to your door in an instant.

What startup do you wish existed?
I’m ready for flying cars. I think eHang might be it, but I’m not sure. We should start working on that.

Anything you want to plug?
Our Indiegogo campaign: Link

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