3 plausible hurdles and how to shatter them to make your successful startup

Startups and entrepreneurship are the buzzwords right now, in India, in Europe and everywhere around the world. It has reached a limit where everyone around you and everything around you is closely talking to your ears the mantra of ideas and starting up. A motivated human being is the best weapon to win any war. You sure have, a lot of motivations around you, but entrepreneurship is all about 1% motivation and 99% perpetuation.

There will be million hurdles on the journey to found your successful company, nothing dubious about that. Here we try to address the basic hurdles that every entrepreneur ought to cross to reach closer to the sun.

Lack of self-belief

Everyone, when they start , are pretty convinced that theirs is the best idea in the world. Believe me , people working on a new social networking concept right now, would sure be dreaming about being the next Zuckerburg, it ain’t no joke. But when you start on your idea and it doesn’t get the traction you expected, you begin to wonder what went wrong. Though you should be pragmatically analyzing the reasons of failure, by human nature you will be sucked into the vortex of inferiority complex or low confidence syndrome. Never ever ever doubt yourself. When you were enjoying developing your first idea, you might not have thought about failure; when failure came to you, you should still be enjoying the process you were involved in the making. A happy mind can achieve anything and everything in this world possible. So don’t lose hope, when it doesn’t work out in the beginning.

Raising funds

Every entrepreneur has his most anxious moment when he gets his first round of funding to develop his company into something more. When you don’t get your funding at the moment you expected, don’t go into that lonely mountain and start beating yourself up. Patience is the key to any successful company. When Google was started there were not many people to fund the company, but when it turned big, every tom, dick and Harry was fighting to get his investment on Google. Wait till things work out. Don’t let the funding news on the Internet woe you, keep up your work till you get noticed big time.


Now this is one hurdle that you should always be ready for. You assembled a great team, you started really good, you had some awesome chemistry, but sometimes we cannot understand everything about people. Sometimes it all comes down to, you know, people are capricious. You can’t know when they will change. So even if a your team disassembles, don’t think of closing down your office. Take some deep breaths. It happens to entrepreneurs. People sometimes leave for no reason, but that can’t be the reason for you shut your start-up. ENDURE. Endurance of this period and coming out with bright colors will mature you as an individual and make you a better judge of what’s gonna come.

These are just the trivial hurdles that almost every entrepreneur faces in his/her journey; there are million others specific to your field and to your country. These hurdles will only shape you, tune you to be a better entrepreneur, for entrepreneurship is not just about making a brand at the day’s end, it all about the journey which makes the brand and the people who traveled.

So keep travelling in your beautiful journey of life.

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