From the Start of Startups

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.- Henry Ford

A gumptious lad working with all his might to turn his idea of a better world into reality. That is exactly what it was like when it all began some decades ago. No google, no facebook but there were some busy startups not of billion dollar valuations though. There were some words which became popular at the start, one of which is “Disruptive Innovation”. This word defined Silicon Valley through and through and is also very popular in other areas trying to emulate the valley’s success.

To trace this journey to the start is as difficult as tracing the river to its origin. So we will do it the usual way, by looking at the numbers to help us trace a fair amount of our travel to the top.

Let’s behold the graph to get a fair idea of our travel from nowhere to somewhere worth mentioning.

From 83 mn $ in a quarter of 2013 to 1.3bn $ in the first quarter of 2015, isn’t that a phenomenal growth in just 2 years. There is more to come for Indian startup scenario, more actors, more producers and of course more box office breaks on the way.

From garage entrepreneurs we have come a long way to recognizing top startup talents right when they begin. We all know how google struggled for their initial funding despite being with a very niche idea. Vc’s have learnt a lot about funding and identifying ideas and top destinations for investing. I give you this figure to ponder.

Yes, you are right. US is at the top in terms of volume of investment, but don’t forget the rest of the world is catching up.

These graphs kinda started our article on a good note with some fairly good number crunching, but aren’t we all concerned on the sectors that are showing tremendous uptrend. Well, this one is for you.

Funding goes where growth is. The payment sector is really coming up fast. Now with RBI issuing licenses to non-conventional banks which can hold deposits up to 1 lakh rupees, things are not goanna be same for ever.

Digital education is booming with innovations every second. From online one-on-one tutoring to monitored classes through web. But we all know there is still a lot to come in education.

Infographics- wow another name from the startups and the modern tech world. Every one just loves some graphics no doubt about that. But this has become a vent for the creatives out there. New ways of representing data, seems there is no end to this game.

One of the most vital achievements in the startup curve is that we are growing in terms of mistakes. There is never a ‘enough’ of mistakes for startups, startups grow proportional to the mistakes.

Start early, fail early and succeed fairly- trend has set in.

The average age of entrepreneurs has been coming down lately, and it now stands at 39 for a successful startup with over 1 million $ in revenue.

A bright clear sky with vast opportunities for plenty of clouds to share the vast space. I don’t know if you have got me, either way here it is literally. Cloud computing is growing at a pace only imaginable. According to IBM, the global cloud computing market is expected to grow at a compounded annual rate of 28 percent from $47 billion in 2008 to $126 billion by 2012, according to IBM based on various market estimates.

Not just clouds by the way, internet world is growing with it, the “content platforms”. Internet a world within the world is bubbling with millions of content everyday. Here is a rough estimate of what it is like in the content space.

English was prominent in the beginning but the other languages around the world are waking up to save them some space online. You would need 48 languages to reach 90% consumers worldwide.

Plenty of content curating sites are available but they are relatively fewer in number in languages other than English. This means opportunity for local entrepreneurs.

Coming to one of THE sectors of startups- e-commerce, signs of resiliency in growth and bright potential for the future. We have not seen many companies in this space make awesome break-evens except for a very few yet. Nevertheless, investors continue to bet on it, recent deals with Flipkart and Snapdeal are clear evidence.

After innovating plenty of sectors and completely changing their faces, may be they got bored they created a few sectors and scaled them up. 3-D printing is one of those sectors which has been showing promising numbers so far. A glimpse at the numbers just for you.

Now this is disruptive innovation playing right in front of us.

This article is not exhaustive, nevertheless I tried my level best looking at the best aspects of the startup journey. This journey had a bustling start and an adventurous road. Let us group together from wherever we are to make this journey better and glitter.

It ends when we have won. What if we keep winning?