Meet the Superstars who outsourced to become Megastars

Before we start speaking, let us make an honest confession here, can we? I secretly wish myself to be transported to a world where there is no google for searching, no FB for broadcasting, no i-products for —hmm, making myself comfortable?. Okay, in simple words I want to be in the world which was before two decades. Don’t you all wish that secretly? You can tell me. Don’t worry this will be our little secret. I assume it is a yes from most of us.

So, having made this confession, shall we look back at what and who made this tech world we are living in right now. I am sure all of us know about Google-Larry Page, Steve Jobs-Apple, Jerry Yang-Yahoo. These were some geniuses and their products which made our life different. Most of them grew what is now a gigantic tree of products in their backyard all by themselves but did everyone choose the same route?

What if I have some crazy idea but no expertise to develop that idea? Does that mean I am done and I can’t make something big out of myself?

No! not necessarily. The world is not anymore about software engineers creating software, the knowledge is open to everyone now; if you can do it I can do it too. There are also startups and corporate’s which ‘outsourced’ for their growth and are now enjoying a great life. This week, let us take a look at some of these super startups and draw a wealth of information from them.

The one app that transformed the way a team works together. It’s more like google for teaming up. A $3-bn company that outsourced the first phase-app development.

Yes, it is true. Skype- the platform which made its way into the dictionary as the synonym for video calling was outsourced initially to a team in Estonia when the idea creators were stationed in Sweden.

One of the world’s greatest marketplaces, the kings of NYSE IPO (oh boy! that’s an incredible story) outsourced their idea at first to get a sense of their prospect. MVP outsourcing is very popular among the modern startups.

There is this exponentially growing company which has a repository for coders to code and store — Github. Yay! Github was coded by many programmers from the comfort of their home.

Outsourcing is nothing to be scared of; instead outsourcing is a way to develop and test your idea before you put your blood and sweat to it. There are great companies out there waiting to develop your idea. Just give us your idea or MVP we can sit and grow that into a valuable product.

When you understand the power of outsourcing you cannot just sit back and wonder how your idea is going to see the light. Every idea is valuable, it’s not that just coders can think of software ideas, especially it is a bit tougher for the coders. Customers can think of a lot of features that could be added to a product, sometimes they think of new products that could replace the popular products. Only 1% of these ideas come out effectively. What if we could tap those latent ideas to transform the world? Wouldn’t that be great?

So, if you are a customer or a coder with an idea that you believe is going to be viral, connect with us. LaunchYard Blog.

Every idea was just a thought before it unleashed its power.