Our existence, progress and goals

LaunchYard came into existence in 2013 with an aim to help entrepreneurs build their software products. But that was not the only aim of this team of developers. While providing best engineering services, LaunchYard embarked on the journey of building their own product as well.

The journey from 2013 has been like a learning curve for the whole LaunchYard team. A small team, spells excellence when it comes to writing codes, is engaged in helping startups to launch from scratch and building Restful APIs. Having seen our share of ups and downs, Launchyard as a team stands strong on its three basic principles:

Great code quality, on-time delivery and
throughout and relentless Customer Support

In a span of two years, LaunchYard has good words from early stage as well as funded startups like Zample, The Albums, Automatic Fleet, Foodfolio and many more.

LaunchYard team has got a solid technical depth. Their code is concise and easy to read. They quickly responded to updated/changing requirements. We had clear insight into the state of the project — Matthew Goos, CTO & Co-founder, Picquity

While this is one side of the coin, the other has LaunchYard tied up with agencies like Mokriya and Visual Q. The back-end engineering capabilities of LaunchYard has opened up a new avenue to garnering business. After 2 years of trying and testing various models, we started forming partnership with established agencies. Mokriya and Visual Q, both from Silicon Valley, has helped LaunchYard to build a strong foothold by giving us the opportunity to showcase our technical talent in larger aspect.

We explored and implemented our expertise with Drawp For School. We worked with Mokriya on Drawp and have helped them in building their API. Our collaboration with Drawp has been and is still a great experience, and we are glad they like our work. Our other collaborations with Zample and The Albums also reflect our engineering expertise. We cater to their requests as and when needed, even after completing the big chunk of the work!

We not only advocate off-shore partnerships, but are also open to a distributed team. We may be based out in Bangalore, but our team believes that work can happen across the globe. Limiting ourselves is not in the dictionary for Launchyard.

The first and foremost priority is our customers. We sincerely feel responsible for the job we have undertaken. We cease from exceeding the time limit. We are transparent in what we do, how we do and when we do! While time and team management apps are a rage in the market, we have our own in-house product that gives our clients real-time updates about the progress at our end.

Above all, delighting customers has become part of our DNA.

We are available for any help or support even after we have delivered the product with a flexible maintenance plans. Our love for code reflects in our passion and potential with which we work.

Our revenue has seen a boost of about 27% in the last year. We are a stable team, hungry for quality work. We look to explore every facet of designing and coding.

Our Product

While working with different software projects, we wanted to keep our clients and our team at ease with guaranteed software delivery in time. We tried almost all the project management tools(Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker et al — you name it) to solve our basic problem — manage software releases in time with 100% transparency.

To scratch our itch, we build Delight. It started off with a bare minimum one page website and turned into a full fledged application over a period of time. Our clients started liking it and started requesting features. We added those features based on the demand which made sense. Some of the features, like seeing the commits on the project in real-time not on code management tool but on project management tool delighted them.

Months ago, we started talking to a lot of software freelancers and their clients outside our network to see, if Delight is something which they would like to use. Some of the words we heard from them:

Its definitely an interesting system! I’ll try it out for a bit and give you better feedback! I’m about 50/50 happy with my current tools. They ain’t bad, but aren’t amazing either. — Gage Bachik, Freelancer
I took a quick look at Delight and overall it does seem like a useful project management tool. Making it simple for freelancers to communicate with clients more clearly is definitely important and it looks like Delight would definitely help in this area. — Chris McDonald, Freelancer
I liked the interface of the app. I found the layout fast and intuitive. I like it better than GitHub issues, which I’m currently using. — Jacob Beard, Entrepreneur
I like the look of your tool. As someone who has spent tens of thousands of dollars with freelancers (both hardware and software) over the past few years, I might be a good guinea pig — please feel free to send an invite. — Geoff Thompson, Entrepreneur

The product is still in private beta. We’re collecting more feedback and making our product better everyday to do product-market-fit. Delight is one of our innovation that has evolved based on our learning. We are literally putting ideas into our furnace and see which one does the best.

With an aim to build something useful and creative for others, for us, LaunchYard team signs off at this moment. Follow us here on Medium to stay updated about us. We always have something new to tell.

PS: We just got a Foosball table for ourselves and it’s now more fun at work apart from writing software. ☺