Why present times are the best designers have ever got?

Hardly half a century has passed since the time humans started evolving into this technologically advanced civilisation that we are today. We’ve had great inventions in categories which offered amazing opportunities, crediting to the IT, electrical, biological, and the internet fields. It’s a lot that has happened in these previous fifty years that we’re gonna need more books per year to accumulate all the knowledge, a lot more than we used to utilise previously. But design on contrary, has been the tortoise in this race of inventions and advancements. It’s fair enough considering design is more complicated than what people think about it. It takes a lot research spread over a lot of years to make a confirm statement about which design ethics are profit making ones. And so design has never had so many participants as we see in engineering. But the boom of the mighty IT, has turned out to be benefiting for the designers. The internet boom, feels like a bliss. With everything turning digital, the scope for digital designing and user behaviour courses like UI or UX has, and will hit the sky in the near future. The advertising stream has totally shifted from print media to digital media. There is a lot of space for good designers to invent new design formats. Since our beloved stream has been walking like a tortoise, it’s time for it gear up and the designers of today are on the wheel of this newly energised stream. So just like bunch of engineers who graduated college around twenty to twenty five years ago, designers have the opportunity today. So I believe that anyone looking to get into design, make sure you’re a kick ass one because not only there is going to be a lot of competition but also a lot of opportunities to create and disrupt the industry. Although this prediction can turn out to be completely false, but this is just an article in the end.