Interview with Jana Dalia

LAURA: What brought your family from Palestine to Jordan? Are you able to visit Palestine proper?

LAURA: How do Palestinians living in the Palestinian territories see Palestinians living in Jordan?

LAURA: How do you see Palestinian citizens of Israel? Is it assimilation to be a citizen of Israel itself?

LAURA: This one will be a little less depressing: when did you first realize you were queer?

LAURA: Did you know what being trans was before you found out you were trans?

LAURA: How did you get connected to the English-speaking internet? It seems isolated from the internet communities of other languages.

LAURA: How did you come to use Twitter specifically?

LAURA: Well, let’s talk about politics then! How did you first get into socialism?

LAURA: Within the Palestinian community, are there lots of folks who identify as socialist, or is mostly right wing?

LAURA: Does you feel being Muslim and Palestinian separates you from the rest of the online trans community?

And on the other end, we touched on this a bit earlier, how prevalent is queerphobia and transphobia among Palestinian folks?

Do any of your family know about your identity?

LAURA: What do you wish white leftists would understand about the situation in Palestine?

LAURA: If you could change one thing about the queer community, what would it be?

LAURA: What would a more radical queer community look like?

LAURA: I think that’s about it for the interview. Any other thoughts?




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