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Many people spend their whole lives searching for happiness as their ultimate goal. They identify the fulfilment of their dreams as the sole way of becoming satisfied. They believe that once they’ve achieved their goals, life from then onwards will only be sunshine and butterflies.

This mindset of being obsessed with happiness creates a series of psychological problems. It makes us disappointed with our own feelings and refrains us from enjoying whatever other positive feelings we have.

An intensive focus on happiness from contemporary western culture, (which is located at the core of many of modern-day issues — don’t worry…

Creating a self-care routine also means swapping out habits that make you feel emotionally drained.

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Creating a self-care ritual — a routine you implement in your daily life can increase your emotional well-being.

And part of that routine is also removing certain activities that drain your energy and leave you feeling worse off.

We’re all still passing through hard times, and some of our goals are still on hold because we don’t know when life will get back to normal. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still things we can control.

Like our daily habits and actions that affect us mentally and emotionally.

Sometimes it’s not about adding more habits into your life but breaking…

How to escape boredom and introduce more excitement in your life.

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If you’re following the same routine day after day, chances are you feel stagnated and like you’re missing out on life’s experiences. So you’re seeking ways to live a more interesting life.

Adventure shatters the insistent reality as if it were a piece of glass. It is the unforeseen, the unthought-of, the new. Each adventure is a new birth of the world, a unique process. How can it fail to be interesting?’ — Jose Ortega y Gasset.

As human beings, we derive comfort from our well-established routines. It’s how we can have order in our lives, in an otherwise unpredictable…

How to stay focused and motivated to reach your desired outcome

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I used to wait around for bursts of motivation in order for me to work on my goals. They seemed too farfetched and overwhelming, so I would take the easy way out, avoiding doing the hard stuff.

Within this year, I realized that my goals are not just going to come by sporadically doing some work here and there and definitely not by sheer motivation.

So, having more time in my hands, I found some methods that have helped me get closer to my goals than ever before.

I’ve finally started working for myself, following routines that work the best…

Advice from someone who lived a life of immense self-preoccupation

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It’s funny how I’m writing this article when I own a self-improvement blog and most of my writings are on this subject.

I don’t find that all efforts to improve oneself are futile, but there are some cases where self-improvement can become toxic.

Especially when one starts at a young age, hasn’t yet experienced real life, and thinks that self-help advice by itself will make his life better.

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to avoid any form of discomfort and suffering. I avoided confrontations, getting into unpleasant situations, and leaving my comfort zone.

So I…

How to find back inspiration

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Even though I love writing, some days it feels like a task I have to get over with to cross off my list.

It’s those lethargic days where all I feel like doing is watching Netflix and slacking off.

But due to some writing projects I’ve had to complete these past few weeks, I realized that, if I put my mind to it I can write a lot more than I think.

If I just push myself a little in the beginning, the writing process becomes much easier.

It’s all about recognizing when you really need a break from writing…

Proven ways to build your online presence and extend your reach as a writer

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Having an online presence as a writer is essential in today’s market.

It gives you the ability to become an authority in your niche, grow your audience, and reach out to more potential fans who will love your work.

While good writing exceeds any self-promotional practices, having your own website and allowing people to find your stories and get to know who you are, can give you a considerable boost.

Agents, publishers, and even your fans who Google your name must be able to easily find you.

A website allows you to show your personality, and your unique points of…

5 exact steps I used as a non-native English speaker that helped me land my first client

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When starting out as a freelance writer, the whole process of finding clients might feel somewhat intimidating.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Writing for a client is like writing articles for yourself.

Except there’s some more research involved.

And writing about a subject you know nothing of.

And maybe even having to write about a specific topic over and over again until you’re so fed up with it if you have to write it one more time you’ll start banging your head on the wall.

Okay, it’s nothing like writing articles for yourself.

But you get paid so it’s…

Keeping a valuable archive helps you store everything that inspires you

commonplace book
commonplace book
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I have this weird habit of constantly buying beautiful journals and leaving them untouched because I feel that’ll ruin them.

Even if I’ve got stacked a dozen of them, I still love to have more.

I get really excited whenever I get a new one and love to take my time to think about what to use it for.

So at the moment, many of them are stacked on my desk, up against the wall, pondering about their existence while decorating my workspace.

There are several ways journals can be used. For example one can use it as a bullet…

One of the most important aspects of living a well-lived life is having control over our thoughts

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As we know quite well by now, thoughts guide our actions and our actions lead to consequences. Whether these are bad or good ones.

And whatever you focus on day in and day out; what you’re paying most attention to determines your reality.

Of course, life is unpredictable. There will surely be times that we’ll have to face the struggles that come onto our path, but that’s just part of living an interesting life.

The key is how we deal with situations, even ones that are out of our control.

So, if we can control our thoughts and our emotions…

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