Teachers Talk ~ Changemaker Education

Laura Hay
Laura Hay
Jul 26, 2018 · 2 min read

Changemaker Schools are part of a global community of innovative public, private, and charter institutions that are reimagining how young people grow up. These schools come in many shades, shapes and sizes, and have different philosophical and pedagogical approaches. Across an ocean of difference, they share a world in common: they all prioritize experiences that educate students to be empathetic, entrepreneurial, creative, and community-oriented leaders. Through innovations in school curricula, culture, and systems, #ChangemakerEd teachers and students are pioneering how education can cultivate an ecosystem of changemakers.

In this video series, changemaker teachers share their journey of reimagining education systems that place passion and purpose at the center of student learning. They are on a mission to educate kids to be empathetic, entrepreneurial, creative, socially-minded leaders no matter what career path they choose to follow.

1. Why must the world re-imagine education?

“Collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creativity, innovation, compassion — those are keys to 21st century education for us to thrive for the next seven generations.” ~ Henry Jake Foreman, Native American Community Academy, New Mexico.

2. How are teachers and students cultivating a culture of changemaking in schools?

“Children’s unique way of being in the world offers a gift to the world now…” ~ Matt Karlsen, from Opal School of Portland Children’s Museum, Oregon.

3. What are the needs of visionary educators working towards an ‘everyone a changemaker’ world?

“We won’t evolve as a species without continually looking at our system and raising up the next generation with the goodness we know we all have.” ~ Amy Lloyd, Cunningham Elementary School, Texas.

“Change at scale requires a passion…a passion to serve.”~ Sanjeev Arora, Ashoka Fellow, Project Echo.

All around the world, we have been discovering and collaborating with schools whose educators and students are reimagining the purpose and goals of education. More and more teachers are focusing on giving young people the knowledge, skills, and sense of purpose to thrive in an interconnected world and drive positive change in their communities.

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