Gratitude Beyond Words;

Me: You’re doing it wrong.

Him: OK.

Me: Everything’s awful.

Him: I love you.

Me: Makes list of 47 tasks.

Him: Completes tasks while I’m in the shower.

Me: People are rotten.

Him: We have each other.

Me: Going about my day.

Him: Sends random “I love you” text.

Me: This situation is a mess.

Him: Nobody’s shooting at us.

Me: My heart is broken.

Him: Lay your head down next to me.

Me: Today sucked.

Him: Let’s pick up dinner.

Me: Cries over latest perceived injustice.

Him: Listens. Nods. Opens wine.

Me: None of my clothes fit.

Him: You're so beautiful.

Me: Ran out of patience at 10:15am.

Him: Helps kids with homework. Math homework.

Me: I’m having trouble calming down.

Him: Remember to breathe, 1…2…3…

Me: You’re my favorite.

Him: You’re my only.


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