A personal insight-out story about a pirate experience and about what community really means.

Laura Pfromm
3 min readSep 9, 2018


©Dan Taylor

Let’s give it a try.

A try to catch the vibe. A try to share this momentum. A try to tell you, brave seaman, about PIRATE Summit.

One good advice before we set sail. First, turn on “Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho” by Hans Zimmer. Second, leave your white shirt, your blazer, and your sailing shoes at home. This event will send you ona trip that goes far beyond the sea, to a place where it is not important what you are wearing or where you are coming from. This is an adventure that takes you back to the ground — literally. An adventure where the only thing that counts is YOU — your personality, your storyline.

So, last but not least, Jack Tar, all you need is an open heart, an open mindset and a bottle of rum.

Let’s conquer the ship.

The trail you walk on is dusty. The construction of this navy consists of scrap metal — cars, trucks, runners, construction equipment. Hell yeah, it is sturdy, this armada. It has to be.

A windmill made of plastic bottles shows you the wind force, to set the sail into the right duct. You can hear it whistling, the sea is calling for you. In the core, a rusty fountain is set up. The water runs out of the open mouths of skulls. Now you know what is going to happen if you break the code of conduct, pirate.

Your sailor comrades are easy to identify: they are wearing an eye patch, a pirate’s hat, a parrot is sitting on their shoulder or they are shouting “ARRR”, while looking straight into your eyes. You see, getting to know your hand-picked squad is as easy as **** — sit down & enjoy. Yeah, man. Sometimes it is just this.

These pirates make it super easy to connect. And this is important because this trip, you will experience together, is not a sure-fire success. You have to work for it to drop the anchor for your long-term relationship, needed to survive. These bounds, my hook-loved friend, are the baseline for the overall mission. The mission of distributing innovation transatlantically, to create the next overseas empire and to create a community around it, the world has never seen before.

How we get there? I will tell ya. Listen carefully.

It’s an unwritten code of conduct as old as mankind itself but as important as the blood running through our vanes and as essential as the air we need to breath: give, give, give ask. Give everything without expecting anything in return. That is what the PIRATE Summit is about — an attitude, a set of value that makes the world a better place.

Let’s be clear.

After that trip, you have a new place on the seven seas. You have to stick to this oath you have made, companion.

..to the words that came out of your lungs loudly and clearly.

..to the words you shouted (nearly cried), while lying arm in arm with your mates.

..to the words that can change everything.

Stick to them and give, give, give, ask. Because this is what PIRATE Summit is about.

P.S.: everything else that is happening on and under (!!!) the deck of Colognes’ “Black Pearl”, you have to experience for yourself. Good Luck.

P.S.S.: if you believe in this oath, in community, in the passion for giving first, share this little piece of paper and spread the word over the seven seas.

#ARRR #givegivegiveask