How to Destroy Your Comfort Zone and Improve Your Life: A Science-Backed Guide
Elle Kaplan

Hey Elle

To my view, stepping out of our comfort zone is done in either of the two ways. Self-designed or life-implied. Self-designed actions are essential, no doubt: do one scary thing a day, do one new thing a day, move jobs/places every few years, start learning something new every once in a while and the like. These are our daily drivers for development. However, I came to realize that life-implied opportunities that shake our stability are the ones we should learn to appreciate. It is much easier to get back to your comfort when stepping out was your own choice. But it teaches only so much. It is a completely different story when life happens without asking for your permission and we are literally dragged of our comfort zone. Now learn to swim. This is where magic begins. There is really little pleasure in such challenges but as soon as we use them as opportunities, we will fly.

Great topic, Elle!

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