Life is Phenomenal! If you think it is.

3 practices to master adversity

Destructive actions result from toxic thoughts ignited by disturbing moments. It is magic how a moment can turn your life upside down. Pivotal moments. Butterfly effect. How can we use our moments to stimulate positive thoughts and actions? I have found some really cool practices which I am sharing with you.

We see a certain image of ourselves. But can we really claim all these beautiful qualities before we manage to remain truth to our values throughout the tough times? It is really easy to be happy when there is nothing to be worried about. But to let happiness shine through the disturbance is a talent, I figured.

Tony Robbins, that magic energy monster, believes that our problem is that we do not want to have problems. In all sanity, I cannot argue. And yet, there is often brutal stories behind successful characters. We think it would be great to live their meaningful lives but we do not want to embrace challenges to step up to get there? I mean seriously.. Yes, we can fly, when we are creative enough to build the wings ourselves.

Challenges are human, you just need to figure out how to use them as stepping stones to take your life to the next level. Life-long learning. Character building. Challenges define your character. Dissatisfaction, doubt, fear.. All the emotions along these lines raise a flag — your character might be lagging behind the intensity of the life you chose to live. Take your chance to learn and grow. Now. Because tomorrow you will have one day less. Prepare yourself for the life defining moments down the road. Chance favors prepared mind. Purpose is essential to stay in the flow.

#1 [MOMENTS] Turning your moment from disturbing into purposeful
Think of the most inspiring words you have ever heard. Write them down on a piece of paper. Put that note within your reach*. When you get distracted from your purpose, read it as many times as you need to bring your mind back to what really matters. It will ease you, I promise.

*I have my note in my phone case for example.

Life is a process. Once you get too awesome and comfortable, it will gladly give you an opportunity to put your foot on a pedal and accelerate as far as you can see. Just be aware of how you see. Really, is tough times ‘a hospital where you need to heal’ or ‘a playground for you to learn and grow’? Should you ‘get well’or ‘enjoy the journey’? Is this a ‘miserable life’ or ‘one hell of life worth writing a book’? ‘Why did that happen’ or ‘great, how do I get maximum out of it’?

The going will get tough and make you a handicap if you let it. Someone needs to decide. It better be you.

#2 [THOUGHTS] Turning your thought from toxic into accelerating
When a really depressing thought is about to enter your mind, quickly imagine an exact opposite but really positive scenario. You will earn a few seconds. Then give yourself a chance to choose the thought. Train your brain to look for the bright side of life.

We have to be cautious about how we utilize the challenging time as it is certainly limited. Challenge will last as long as we need to learn what is meant for us. It actually means learning your lesson will end the challenge. You use the experience to create a comfort zone. Your new comfort zone. Remember, it all happens for us, so do give yourself a break to realize that. And then, you did not just survive it, you actually jumped a mile into a better version of yourself, like a boss.

#3 [ACTIONS] Turning your action from destructive into uplifting
In the situation that might trigger a destructive reaction, just step back. Close your eyes and put hand on your heart. Remember who you are, truly. Then open your eyes and ask yourself: What would I do? Really, what would the best version of myself do in this situation?

It gives you those the time you need to give a reaction that creates life you deserve.

And when in the middle of the real struggle, fighting the life battles, your housemate walks into your room and drops a comment ‘you are such an optimistic person’.. You know you passed the test for who you really are.

Every search begins with beginners luck. And every search ends with the victors being severely tested. Paulo Coelho knew what he was talking about.

Remember, life is an adventure, not a worry.

Stay awesome!


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