Photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplash

So, what do you ‘eat’ your life with? Chopsticks? Knife and fork? Spoon? Little spoon? Baby fork? Trident?

OMG! It’s been such and interesting discovery to realise that life can only be eaten with the hands -and by ‘eaten’ I mean, fully enjoy and taste every aspect of it-. That’s right, no utensils or cutlery needed. Uhumm! I know what you are thinking! Nobody told you that. In fact, nobody has told US that!! And here we are, spending our very precious time trying to decipher how to ‘eat’ life. How to enjoy it. …

coPhoto by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

What if you like chocolate but not coffee? You can choose to have a hot choc instead of a long black, right? It’s your choice, only yours, because you like it, or because you can’t tolerate one of them. Whichever the reason, it’s always up to you.

Laura Gutierrez

Founder of The Love Approach Project. Energy Healer & Health Coach based in Sydney, Australia.

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