Trump’s Wall has already been built. How did you miss it?

We just weren’t looking at the hand building it. He had us looking at the OTHER hand waving around like a madman.

He knows we like a train wreck. People smarter than you or me have explained this as a very real strategy. You get people looking in one direction at a travel ban or a “fake” news issue and ta-da, no one is looking at what is really happening.

He sows seeds of divisiveness and that my friends is the Wall. He’s finished with it, too.

Driving home the “us versus them.” The identifying with one group over another. Playing the role of the victim. “They’re to blame,” he says. The media is not your friend Mr/Ms American person. The Muslim countries are not your friend. Be scared. The Liberals are not your friends. Hate them. And on and on.

Yes, the Wall is already built. And it didn’t take near as long as anyone thought.

The good news is we CAN tear it down. When we come together as a nation remembering who we are—made up of the melting of many peoples and backgrounds. When we choose to deny Trump and his freakshow the fear and hate mongering they’re trying to instill in us. When We The People remember we are all connected and better as a whole than as two separate parts.

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