Monee Banking app

A 10hr UX / UI challenge

I recently took the challenge of creating the dashboard for a mobile banking app. The client offered an extensive brief and research insights that would be extremely helpful in order to fulfill the task in such a short time.

Monee Bank is a startup with the mission of revolutionizing the traditional banking world.

Their target is youngsters between 22 and 35 years old, Millenials, that need access to banking for the first time.

Our goal is to gain their loyalty by offering them an added value with our service. …

Using Design thinking methodology.

Climate change is a subject that has always had me worried but lately even more so. The idea of leaving a hopeless world to the next generations terrifies me.

Consequences are obvious and we are already suffering them but even the ones that are trying to fight them don’t seem to agree on the terms and feels like the ball is always thrown on the other person’s roof.

Very few people are fully committed to the cause although people often say they are very worried about it. It seems like once we are aware of the…

Sex Education is such a wide term a yet we know so little about it.

We were presented with the amazing challenge of offering young people the Sexual Education they deserve despite political changes in the country.

Being educated on the matter is a human right, as it is also feeling body-positive, dignified, having access to information and to health care.

To do so we worked on groups of four people using the Design thinking method for two weeks.

Here is how it went.

Our client was the Spanish Ministry of Education (Ministerio de Educación del Gobierno de España).


Lean project UX / UI

This project was created as a group with Ana Fernández Susaeta, Irene Larrauri and myself.

The concentration of the population in big cities is not only a problem for the cities that increase also in pollution, the expense of life, etc. It is a problem for those small towns that are left behind with no infrastructure and doomed to become ghosts.

With the help of a Fintech and the use of immersive technology, we created a solution that would make life much better for those who still live in remote places and also might encourage…

A quick getting started guide

I recently took on a project where the team wanted to add some animated icons and a logo. Besides UX & UI design I am also a motion graphic designer so I took on the challenge of doing it with after Effects & Lottie to preserve the vector quality, here is how I did it.

In the early 2000s when flash was the king of animation on the web and every designer let loose of their creativity it was very common to find crazy websites where if you had flash player installed, you could navigate…

For our first assignment as UX & UI Designers we were given the challenge of reinventing media and saving it from disappearing.

Our goal was to create disruptive solutions by creating new business models and acquiring new users.

We were introduced to the Design Sprint method to develop a fast and effective solution created in only five days. I won’t explain the method but here you can read more about it and here is also the book.

We worked in groups of 8 that then were divided in 4 to finally work individually on our solution.

Here is my take…

Testing the rules on wetransfer’s website.

Jakob Nielsen is a Danish web usability consultant. He holds a Ph.D. in human–computer interaction from the Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen. He is also known as “the king of usability”.

He founded the “discount usability engineering” movement for fast and cheap improvements of user interfaces and has invented several usability methods, including heuristic evaluation.

On this exercise I will be testing those rules on a website I chose wetransfer.

#1: Visibility of system status

The user should be informed about what’s going on.

Heuristics rule #1 visibility of system status

As we can see on the picture above the first rule is followed by…

Laura de la Cruz

UX / UI Designer

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