I was able to attend AgilityLab’s Meetup on 28th January featuring Shane Hastie of ICAgile. He presented a draft code of ethics for Agile Coaches which is being held at Agile Alliance.

After asking us to contribute to a word cloud to understand what we think of when we think of the word ‘ethics’ (I said ‘respect for the client’ and ‘honesty’), Shane showed the list of 18 points in the proposed Code of Ethics. He said it made more sense for the Agile Aliance to own it than for ICAgile because ICAgile is a standards organisation for training courses…

Agile coaching isn’t just for teams. Leaders have just as much, if not more, influence on creating a culture to beat the competition and stay relevant in today’s fast-paced market. Agile leadership applies to leaders at all levels to inspire, motivate, and empower others.

Leadership coaching can help you build resilience, think strategically, motivate your teams, and plan for the future. Develop your teams to identify opportunities for you, and to learn from experimenting. Want your teams to be the engine room that helps you out-perform your competitors? Coach your leaders to have these skills:


Being able to adjust…

When delivering a course online, great facilitation becomes more important than ever.

As the new economic situation becomes clear as a result of the global pandemic, my friends and colleagues have been looking for ways to move their businesses online. More than one person has asked me for advice recently. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about with regard to successful online/virtual learning events.

The biggest learning from my experience has been this: everything is amplified in the online environment. When the facilitator designs opportunities for interaction, it pays dividends during the course. …

Laura Re Turner

Specialties: business agility, coaching for behavioural change, training and facilitation

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