My Year, 2015, A Medium Post

Just kidding, I’m not gonna review 2015. FUCK 2015. 2015 is almost over and 2016 will be so much better. Or worse. And maybe worse will be better for us. Maybe bad years are character-building. Or maybe they’re just bad. Maybe all years are just worse every year until you’re, you know… Old.

Nothing was worse, in 2015, than being old. How many Buzzfeed quizzes do you need to fill out before the facts are completely clear to you, old person: you are fucking old. Everything you like or don’t like points to it.

And in 2016 you’re gonna be older! Worse, more people will JOIN you as we all advance into being fucking old. Is being old okay? Is it fun? I have no FUCKING idea I’m not even 40 yet, don’t ask me. I’m basically a baby, according to my ancient neighbor.

Was 2015 cool? I can’t remember it. I’m too busy writing Mediums man. But 2016 is going to be AWESOME. I’m going to read all the good links and none of the bad ones. I’m going to write all kinds of boss articles and websites. I’m going to get older, SURE, but barely. I’m gonna WIN 2016.

(Fine print: in January 2016, I will begin a year-long project where I actively seek pen pals to correspond with me, via “the mail,” for the entire year. I am accepting applications to be my pen pal from friends, acquaintances, and strangers.)


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