A crafty day out at Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre

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I thought it might be interesting to write about something other than UX, service design and research for once, so here’s a short segway into some of the crafty activities I got up to one sunny weekend near Cranborne, Dorset.

If you’ve met me you’ll know I have a love of all things woolly, so a day out learning how to dye my own wool using medieval techniques was hard to pass up. …

How a low-fi experience can still be immersive, educational, memorable and inclusive

Image credit: Microsoft/Mojang

Like many parents around the world who have been thrust into close quarters with their family 24 hours a day due to the pandemic, I too have been desperately trying to adapt to homeschooling, juggling both mine and my husbands working day, and even more difficult: entertaining a small child in between. And sometimes at the same time as all the other stuff. It’s not easy, and it’s amazing how quickly young kids tire of something and need something new and interesting to hold their attention…

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Image credit: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Grass_Block

…Enter Minecraft

At the same time the COVID-19 pandemic kicked off, my kid was getting interested in Minecraft in a big way. …

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Photo by Slava Stupachenko on Unsplash

A collection of wisdom collected up over the years from others and my own experiences.

Once in a while we have a moment of complete clarity, and it was in a rare moment of peace and quiet this week that a number of thoughts about what I would say to myself at the beginning of my career all came rushing at me out of nowhere. …


Laura Yarrow

UX and tech geek. Observer of humans. Crisp connoisseur. Yarn fondler. Undercover Northerner.

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