All Hail Insecurity
elan gale


I know what you mean with this article.

I sometimes feel really insecure and I think it’s a part of me that can bring me down too much that I could stop believing in myself. And sure, a big part of that secure people have bad intentions and believe they are the best, due to their ignorance and ambitions, but there’s a misconception.

What is good is to be doubtful, consider every facet of a situation in order to get the best of it, and if it is with the best intetions you can gain insight, and then make good decisions. But for that you need to feel strong and secure, in order to become that, and achieve your goals. Insecurities are there, but it is important not to feel identified with them, not to feel less than anybody. You will need to at least hide those insecurities in order to face events.

But of course you need to be relaxed and not force yourself with everything, sometimes it’s okay to have a bad day and say to yourself «It’s okay to feel this way today». But cheer yourself up whenever it happens!

In conclusion, YES everybody has insecurities, and YES, those who are bad, always seem to be very secure… BUT, the key to make it in life is to act and think positively and be secure when you know all that you must know, every facet of something, and of course to BE OPEN TO NEW IDEAS AND ACCEPT WHEN MAKING MISTAKES, ALWAYS MOVING INTO BETTER THINGS. 🤗🤗🤗