Jewelbots Tutorials Lesson 0: Introduction

Laura & Louisa
Dec 30, 2016 · 2 min read

Underneath the charm on your Jewelbot is a small computer. It’s similar to your phone or your laptop, but it’s a lot more simple. Just like you could write a program to run on your computer or make an app to run on your phone, you can program your Jewelbot to light up and buzz.

You write code for Jewelbots by using a program on your computer called the Arduino IDE. Arduino is the name of the tiny computer inside your Jewelbot. There are many different kinds of Arduinos (just like there are many different kinds of laptops), and the one in the Jewelbot is designed specifically for Jewelbots. IDE stands for “Integrated Development Environment” — which just means it’s a place you write code for a particular language. Jewelbots use the Arduino programming language and also have special functions that you use to code their LEDs and buzzers. You’ll learn more about these functions in later lessons.

The Jewelbot has many modes. The two main ones you will use are coding mode and friendship mode. In friendship mode, you are able to access pairing mode and messaging mode, which let you connect with and send messages to other friends’ Jewelbots. In coding mode, you are able to write programs for your Jewelbot. Once you’ve uploaded a particular program to your Jewelbot, that is all your Jewelbot knows how to do until you replace it with a different program that you have written and uploaded.

Our lessons will focus on how to write programs when your Jewelbot is in coding mode. To learn more about the different modes, check out the Key Guide to Jewelbots Modes post on the Jewelbots website.

Let’s get started! Read on in Lesson 1.

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