A message to Venice Beach and Blake Shields & Assaf Cohen

I want the Venice community to know someting. I am a Angelino since 2002. I have been at SMC since 2005. I used to be a member of the Santa Monica Church from 2003 to 2007. I left after realizing I disagreed to much with the Church’s view on women. Though I respect the Pope and his opinions. I am now BBuddhist. And Blaje Shields is in no position to say I am not or to even judge my actions. And his inaction and allowing women to assume and bully me is both sexist and misogynist.

I am going to be hired as an actor at least once this year maybe more despite what some of the women at Against the Stream may think and I am not desperate to have or hold onto a man. I am working on a career or was in film and tv. No woman should be labelled unprofessional for being single. I have no criminal record. I have never done drugs. I have a GPA at SMC of 3.6. In other words despite being unemployed, which apparently Blake Shields was unemployed for extended period of time, i’ve maintained my GPA.

I will do what i want and go where i want and people need to stop feeding Blake Shield’s ego and bullyng me because despite being ugly, i could be as good at acting as Meryl Streep. Streep was once told by the LA industry she was too ugly to make it. Ok maybe half as good. This is not a moment of bipolar euphoria. This is a truth.

Do not say your for women unless for all of us. Do not be a hypocrit and act with superiority because your jewish, or black, or white, or male, or a Buddhist meditation teacher, or a hot female. It is enough Trump is in office. BLake knows I lost my breasts, I was sexually assaulted, and what sag aftra did to me was abusive and slanderous and political.

Stop treating me like I need to give up wanting to be on film and Tv sets. I’d rather be alone and miserable or dead. I was not unprofessional. Blake Shields has been to me, as has his friend Assaf Cohen. Do not assume I will never be cast because you have shallow expectations of talent. Stop being evil. Stop being like Drumpf.

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