Christianity Judaism & Islam can we call a truce to the family feud!

It is Easter & Passover this week. I have studied religions my entire life. I’m constantly exploring new ones. Part of it is the actor in my fascinated by diversity. I studied the Art of Islam in college. My teacher was Baha’i.

Both Christianity Judaism & Islam believe in the existence of Jesus. Islam & Christianity both believe in the teachings of Jesus and his virgin birth but Islam sees Jesus as a messenger not the son of God. The Arabs see themselves as the descendents of the prophet Abraham’s first son Ismael. The Jews as descendents of Abraham’s son Isaac. Basically the Jews and Muslims fighting are two branches of a family. Christianity sees Jesus as also part of the same origins. Christianity also embraces Abraham and the ten commandments of Moses. One great big family feud.

Basically both the Muslims & Jews see themselves as Descendents of Abraham. Christianity also believe in Abraham. So can the family feud please stop now. Just don’t have each other over for dinner and respect that your different branches of the same family tree already. Happy Passover & Easter.

By the way this is why Professor Destro of Catholic University Law School hired me in law school to work for him for The Committee on Religious freedom with the Department of State. I was paid to go to committee meetings for him when he could not attend. I knew the roots of all three major religions. It also led to me becoming Buddhist. I truly hate conflict and want out of the feuding and to find peace.

If you doubt me read this.

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