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POEM: Dream protector

There was a monster in the closet.

I’d shut the door to keep it out.

The sock monster.

The tooth fairy.

The gremlin goblin scary bump in the dark.

I needed protection in the night.

I felt a presence come to light.

And wrap my soul in safety.

Strange arms embraced me.

But there was nothing there.

Just a feeling.

Strong man holding me.

Softly in the night.

I didn’t believe in magic.

I did not know love.

But something was present.

Someone was protecting me.

One day this phantom ceased to be.

I grew up.

Lost innocence.

Lost wonder.

Yet the dark still scares me.

The mystery of who my protector was…

A shadow of a myth.

Created from a fantasy.

Heroic courage.

Lost chivalry.

I miss him.

I do not think I’ll ever find.

Reality to be so loving.

A man so kind.

As that ghostly phantom who held me.

When i needed to feel ok as a child.

For in this reality dreams are hard to have.

Even harder to bring to life.

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