POEM: Touch the Moon

I will not have the insane in my life

who would think I can not fly

or be the best that I can be.

Let loose a hold your pain from me.

I see the world through a child’s eye,

and touch the moon with my dreams.

I can not be less than who I am

and I can not perceive a world

where I do not deserve only the best

people with good hearts surrounding me.

Let loose your prejudice.

Perceive that when you put someone down

you make your self seem less than who you could be.

The shallow will not change the world,

but they remind us of what not to be.

Plastic cards and fashion fads

will not bring dead species back.

Let go of what you think you need,

and heal the world with love.

-Laura Ann Tull Sorry- I felt the need to wax poetic.

Originally written on May 12, 2012.