Everything and Anything You Can Do with Stucco

If there is one construction material that is known to have stood the test of time, quite literally, it’s masonry. Through any heat or freezing weather, rain or shine, and any length of time, masonry construciton dates back to the oldest civilizations. And to this day, it is still a popular choice for many contractors and home owners alike. There’s such a range of variety to choose from. And there are also a great choice of masonry contractors, such as stucco, marble, granite, concrete or brick contractors in Tulsa OK, who are eager to help home owners build the perfect aesthetics for their homes. By far, one of the most popular materials used is stucco. It can by found used in most commercial buildings, a favorite choice for building multiple homes for subdivisions, and basically, an endless list of construction use. But unfortunately, stucco doesn’t receive the same recognition and appreciation as the more known materials such as brick. So what is stucco? Stucco is simply a weather resistant, fine plaster, perfect for building a hard exterior wall. But let’s dig deeper into why this material is one of the best choices for construction

1. It’s lifespan

What makes stucco special is that it is a masonry material that can last an incredibly long time. A well built stucco wall can last between 50 to 80 years, (and even longer when exposed to mild weather conditions). Since it is made out of a combination of stone materials and substances that make it water resistant, and at the same time, it can also withstand extremely high or low temperatures, it can withstand any weather conditions, and therefore last for a very long time. It’s a great investment for home owners as it will last for such a long time.

2. It’s easy to repair or restore

As masonry repair in Tulsa goes, it’s also one of the easiest materials to repair and restore. If a crack on a stucco wall appears, or there’s a loose area that leads to a hole on the wall, this is completely easy to repair. Much like how concrete works, all a contractor needs to do is remove the loose stucco materials, and place a new layer of stucco within the empty space. They can easily mimic the pattern and color so the end results with a seamless finish. There’s no repair or restoration that can’t be done well and perfectly with stucco. That’s why it is also a popular choice for many masonry contractors.

3. Home owners can get creative with the pattern design

As stucco is a flexible plaster substance before it hardens, there are so many different ways to manipulate the substance to make beautiful textures. Popular textures recommened by contractors are:

· Smooth and seamless finish

· Worm finish — A texture that involves large pieces of aggregate to create a rough worm like texture

· Santa Barbara Finish — A smooth texture that dries with a certain textured depth that gives a wall a dated, rustic look

· Dash texture — This finish is accomplished using several layers of sprayed on stucco, to create a rough and uniform surface that almost looks like small pebbles sand mixed in within the stucco material.

These are the common and popular textures found in different constructions. But with stucco, the possibility for creativity is endless. Any pattern can be made to accomplish a beautiful texture for a wall. And its versatility is perfect as a home owner can also choose to have different textures of their stucco walls, at different areas of their homes, to give a range of design and aesthetics. And lets not forget that stucco can also be manipulated according to color choices; another bonus to its use.

There’s really nothing stucco isn’t good for. If there’s one disadvantage with using stucco is its cost. But it’s well worth the investment as home owners are guaranteed that it’s an investment that will last them a lifetime, and when it comes to masonry repair in Tulsa, it’s definitely affordable and easy to do. With everything there is to know about stucco, there’s no surprise that it’s such a popular choice for many contractors. And if home owners aren’t convinced, all the have to do is look around their neighborhood and their community, and they are guaranteed to see stucco used everywhere!