Pieces of Me

Do you ever have these moments when you feel like you just need more time to collect yourself? Like there are all these little pieces of you scattered about, and you don’t know where they fit. You try to pick them up to put the puzzle back together. But there are pieces that no longer fit.

What do we do with those pieces? Throw them out with the trash!? Or hold onto them because in time you’ll eventually find where they fit? Every piece has its place. But what if it doesn’t. You have this one piece of you that you never know what do with.

There are pieces of me that I think are hiding out and waiting for the right time to fit into place. How will I know when it’s the right time? How does that piece know that I will notice it enough to know that it has a place in me? What if I unknowingly shove that piece aside? Does it then go back into hiding and come out at a different time? Or does it just disappear, never to be seen from again? Then I am stuck forever with this void in me of a piece I passed on by in my life.

The thing is, your life is a never ending puzzle. You try to find pieces of yourself and often times you find they don’t fit. But, there are those other times when the pieces fit so perfectly. At that moment in time you feel so much more complete. But you are never fully complete. You are ever changing and growing each day. You just keep trying to make the pieces of life fit together enough to keep on living.